Bluefin Dress Kits

Dress Kit for Bluefin Displays

The Mega Media Industrial dress kit is a custom manufactured enclosure specifically for Bluefin Displays and comes in multiple sizes for both portrait and landscape displays.

Before Dress Kit

After Dress Kit

Hide and Conceal

Perfect for hospitality, commercial, corporate, retail, museum and other applications, the dress kit is designed to hide and conceal the side connections and wires of the display.  

Ready for Install

Designed to work with the Peerless AV SF630p mount, the dress kit features easy mounting, two 1“ diameter holes for cables and is powder coated black or custom colors available upon request. Constructed of aluminum, dress kits are built for easy installation, while providing concealment and design.

Sizes Available

DK (Landscape) / DKP (Portrait)

BLFN-10.1-DK / BLFN-10.1-DKP
BLFN-11.6-DK / BLFN-11.6-DKP
BLFN-13.3-DK / BLFN-13.3-DKP
BLFN-15.6-DK / BLFN-15.6-DKP
BLFN-19.5-DK / BLFN-19.5-DKP
BLFN-21.5-DK / BLFN-21.5-DKP
BLFN-32.0-DK / BLFN-32.0-DKP

Bluefin Dress Kit on Wall
Bluefin Dress Kit on wall with Display

Bluefin Display Dress Kit – Product Details

The Mega Media Industrial Bluefin Display Dress Kit is manufactured specifically for Bluefin Displays.  Manufactured in the USA from powder-coated aluminum, these dress kits are built tough for demanding applications.

What is a Bluefin Dress Kit

Bluefin Displays look great out of the box, but when mounted to a wall or surface, the sides of a Bluefin Display are somewhat visible, including the cable, connections, buttons and the mount.  Using a dress kit enclosure is the key to a more seamless look.  It easily attaches to the wall, concealing all cables and buttons, while not interfering with installation or future maintenance.

How does the BrightSign Enclosure Work?

The Dress Kits / Bluefin Enclosures are available for any Bluefin size and orientation and are designed to work with specific Peerless-AV mounts.  Each dress Kit has holes for cables to pass through, and if needed holes to mount the dress kit to the wall.  They are designed for easy mounting and simply hide and conceal the sides of the display.

These dress kits are perfect for meeting rooms, hospitality, corporate, retail, museum exhibits, way finding and much more.  Really, anywhere you can install a Bluefin Display, these dress kits are a perfect addition.

These dress kits are available at any quantity as well as bundled with mounts and/or Bluefin Displays.

Combine these with our Universal Floor Stand Kiosk for situations where you need a display without mounting it to a wall.

If you’d like to see how the Bluefin Display Dress Kits can be the perfect addition to your installation, schedule your personalized demo today.

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Additional Information

BLFN-15.6-DK Sell Sheet

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