Bluefin Dress Kits

Dress Kit for Bluefin Displays

The Mega Media Industrial dress kit is a custom manufactured specifically for Bluefin Displays and comes in multiple sizes for both portrait and landscape displays.

Hide and Conceal

Perfect for hospitality, commercial, corporate, retail, museum and other applications, the dress kit is designed to hide and conceal the side connections and wires of the display.  

Ready for Install

Designed to work with the Peerless AV SF630p mount, the dress kit features easy mounting, two 1“ diameter holes for cables and is powder coated black or custom colors available upon request. Constructed of aluminum, dress kits are built for easy installation, while providing concealment and design.

Sizes Available

DK (Landscape) / DKP (Portrait)

BLFN-10.1-DK / BLFN-10.1-DKP
BLFN-11.6-DK / BLFN-11.6-DKP
BLFN-13.3-DK / BLFN-13.3-DKP
BLFN-15.6-DK / BLFN-15.6-DKP
BLFN-19.5-DK / BLFN-19.5-DKP
BLFN-21.5-DK / BLFN-21.5-DKP
BLFN-32.0-DK / BLFN-32.0-DKP

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